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Every week, Massachusetts loses 1100 residents due to the skyrocketing cost of living. This is unacceptable. As State Senator, Nick will work to ensure that you and your family can live within your means in the Commonwealth. Specifically, with the rising cost of housing presenting a barrier to many families, Nick supports efforts to expand affordable housing offerings. However, Nick knows that mandates that don't allow for local flexibility ultimately detract from the success of such expansion. 


As a Commonwealth, we must be cautious with our budget and avoid any waste. Nick will ensure that our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and hardworking civil servants receive fair wages and benefits since these jobs are crucial for the growth of our communities. Nick knows that the hardworking men and women of the Worcester & Middlesex District need a leader who will scrutinize the statewide agencies with excessive budgets and lack of accountability. As State Senator, Nick will identify areas to reduce unnecessary spending on departments that increase regulations, hindering small businesses and local development.


Nick is a strong supporter of our public safety officials. Our firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and other publiic safety officers reguarly put their lives in harm's way and deserve our community's backing. As State Senator, Nick would stand up to proposed cuts to public safety funding, knowing the critical role that such an investment has on the health of our community. However, ensuring public safety also calls for supporting mental health practitioners and other related parties in addressing the mental health crisis that we are experiencing across the Commonwealth and world. 


Massachusetts, like many states, faces daunting challenges with immigration due to Washington’s lack of action and accountability on the issue. However, this does not excuse the lack of leadership presented by the Governor and the Legislature on the current unmitigated immigration crisis here in the Commonwealth. Nick supports bipartisan legislature to amend the right-to-shelter law that has worsened this crisis.


As parents, we want the best for our children. We must prioritize the allocation of our tax dollars towards enhancing the quality of our public schools so that every child has the chance to thrive, succeed, and realize the American Dream.

  • Too often, opportunities within our public schools are only accessible to students who are able to afford them. We must ensure that Massachusetts schools offer quality education to every student, regardless of zip code and socio-economic status.

  • While Chapter 70 sought to promote a more just funding system, too often the current formula picks winners and losers in our communities. As State Senator, Nick will fight for the education of every student—there is no greater investment a community can make.

  • Nick understands the value of vocational education and supports ensuring students who would thrive in such environments have access to attend such schools. 

  • Far too many of our students are reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety. As State Senator, Nick will be an avid supporter of expanding mental health education in health class curriculum. Our students should be able to live, learn, and prepare for their future careers and lives without these crippling stressors.


As a small business owner, Nick is no stranger to being accountable and ensuring a balanced budget. Yet, while we hold the citizenry to one standard, the Legislature gets a pass on transparency and accountability. As State Senator, Nick will seek to restore people’s faith in our state government by voting to:

  • End the legislative exemption from the open meeting law

  • End the legislative exemption from the open records law

  • End the legislative exemption from the fair procurement law

  • Require the budget to be published online 24 hours before the final vote is taken

  • Require public hearings on all tax bills


Nick is a stronger believer in the opportunity that America offers every one of its citizens. To Nick, this equal opportunity for all sets America apart from the rest of the world. As State Senator, Nick will do everything within his ability to ensure that the Worcester & Middlesex District and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts remains a place for all people to succeed. 

Please Note: If there is an issue you are concerned about not listed here,

please contact Nick at

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